Credit/Debit Cards
The LME PTA prefers payment by Credit/Debit card and will absorb all fees associated with the transactions.
Note Regarding Site Security:
 This site uses "iFrames", essentially a browser within a browser.  The main (outer) page is http: but the checkout is https:  If you right-click in the checkout form, and click Properties, you will see that the page inside there is an https: page.

Make checks out to "LME PTA" and include your phone number and driver's license number. Drop the check along with a copy of the invoice (or write the invoice number on the memo line) in the PTA drop box located on the wall near the lunch money drop box. You may also send it via backpack mail but please note this is not always the most reliable.

Any refunds will be handled directly by the LME PTA.

Thank you for shopping at our store. All proceeds will be used by the LME PTA to fulfill PTA programs.