Sweets Day - Teacher Appreciation Week 2018

Teacher Appreciation Week is April 30-May 4, 2018 We need your help with "Sweets Day" which is Thursday, May 3rd.  Please signup to bring in Sweets for our teachers. Please deliver by 10am to the Teacher's Lounge.

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Art Volunteers in the Classroom

Would you like to help your child�s class learn more about great artists? If so, please consider joining the Laurel Mountain AVIC (Art Volunteers in the Classroom) group and play a key part in providing art enrichment to our school.

We meet several times a year to present an artist to children during their Friday art class. No artistic experience or previous training is needed. The AVIC group will provide all the information: materials, training, and presentation ideas. As a volunteer, you will go into your child�s Friday art class a few times throughout the school year to present a brief background of the artist�s life and work. Then you will lead an exploration into the selected artwork by asking the children questions designed to get their wheels turning.

Please consider volunteering for this program as you and your child will have a wonderful experience learning about art and its contributions to humanity.

For more information, please contact Jenny Murkes (jmurkes@gmail.com) or Jo Westland (johanna_westland@hotmail.com)

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Hive Helpers

Hive Helpers will be responsible for cleaning up the Hive to ensure it is ready for other classes/clusters to use each week. Short training will be provided.

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Jogging Lions

Jogging Lions Parent Volunteers

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Clothes Closet Volunteers

Volunteers at the clothes closet help to sort, hang clothing, and help customers get the items they need for school. LME needs to send volunteers a total of 8 times a year. Each volunteer shift is 2 hours.
"The goal at the Closets is to ensure students head to school ready to learn in clean, comfortable and appropriate clothing, feeling good about themselves and in their appearance."

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